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This February, ZNCJ’s upcoming Data and Privacy brief will cover a Policy Engagement Event earmarked to launch research findings on Smart City Initiatives in Zimbabwe.

Big data is the fuel or lifeblood for any smart city.

The upcoming article will test the efficacy of data protection and cyber security law against smart city initiatives in Zimbabwe in an easy to read and understand format. So, it’s not going to be an academic report or paper.

In that light,  I will not hold back or self-censor to unpack digital rights issues that will arise at the event.

Whilst the government of Zimbabwe is celebrating a multimillion-dollar initiative with ROI valued at $60 billion for Zim Cyber City. The government remains under the watchful eye of the digital rights community over the protection and privacy of biometric data of citizens.

The Policy Engagement Meeting shall be facilitated by Paradigm Initiative (PIN), Digital Society of Africa and Media Alliance of Zimbabwe (MAZ) at a multi holder engagement level to discuss and submit positions on the smart cities initiatives in Zimbabwe.

Who will be interviewed?

Local city council authorities are among the invited participants. It will be exciting to find out how and what it takes to run a cyber city ?

Tech experts will also be interviewed to elaborate on the tech infrastructure that will run Zim Cyber City and all things data privacy and protection.

Law enforcement as well. Its going to be a wide range of interviews and of course – PIN is set to present research findings into cyber city initiatives , that’s also noteworthy.

What to expect

 I’m looking forward to testing the efficacy of Zimbabwe’s DPA against possible pitfalls embedded in the smart city initiatives.

Rounding up, Zim Cyber City is home to new parliament buildings.

I’m expecting to experience an explosion of detail beyond the security benefits of the gated community.

That’s it for now.

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By Richard Kawazi

Richard Kawazi is a media policy and tech enthusiast, also a multi award winning journalist with a keen interest in Experimental Media Development.