Zimbabwe National Youth ServiceMash Central National Youth Service 2022 at Center Zimbabwe Africa School in Madziwa Shamva

A report by Tinawo Chikwara

The rhetoric that Zimbabwean youth are hopeless and destitute is entirely untrue.
In December 2022, a crop of patriotic youths graduated from the National Youth Service training in Goora, Shamva Madziwa Center Zimbabwe Africa training center.

The NYS program ran under a hybrid project, Youth Build Zimbabwe, were a group of 43 boys and 7 girls spent eight months learning patriotism, volunteerism and vocational skills in carpentry, electrical engineering and carpentry.

It was a spectacle to see youths between the ages of 18 – 19, equipped with knowledge and skills to build the future of Zimbabwe.

Project Co-ordinator for Mashonaland Central Regimental Sergeant Major, Robert Katsande said the youths learnt various contemporary disciplines key to nation building.

“Our youths learnt modules about the environment, health, democracy, patriotism, self care and technical vocational skills in electrical, building and carpentry”, said Katsande.

Zimbabwe National Youth Service
Youth Build Zimbabwe project group Photo with Ministry of Youth officials

Spiritual leader and head, Ishmael Mambo aka Stebilon Magodi succesor to the late Wimbo said that after welcoming the youths and sheltering them for their activities, they contributed immensely to infrastructure development at the school.

In a period of eight months, they have managed to erect classroom blocks that could have taken us several years to build. It is because of the selflessness of these youths that they volunteered to use their skills to help us build our school

Ishmael Mambo we Stebilon

Mambo Stebilon attested that, the youths displayed the highest level of discipline.
Non of them defiled the high school and primary school students they shared a school campus with.

“We did not hear any reports of girls getting pregnant, these young people maintained a high level of discipline during their stay”, said Mambo VA Stebilon.

However, instances of relapsing and substance abuse were completely crushed.
The program managed to wean off young boys who often relapsed to narcotics such as cigarettes and Marijuana.

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An outstanding regiment 18 year old girl, Tracelyn Chirwa from Madziwa told Nhau Indaba that she is confident to be part of the youth that will shape the future of Zimbabwe.

“I have a new found love for my country with the life skills I have gained from the program. I can now perform electrical tasks and take care of myself and others”, said Chirwa.

The youths are to farther their training in vocational skills until they pass trade tests at tertiary level.

Deputy Director of the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Culture and Recreation, a Mrs. Mupanduki said the YBZ program is a stepping stone for the youth into joining meaningful contribution to nation building.

“It is not going to end here, we also want our youths to access farther learning in their vocational skills so that they be gainfully employed and be employers in the future of Zimbabwe” said Mupanduki.

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